about this study...

This study will be conducted at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Children’s Hospital Waltham.(BCHW) We are collaborating with investigators from Brigham and Womens Hospital (BWH), Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and the University of Illinois (UI).

We hope to be able to identify how different types of nutrition correlate with your infant's brain development.

The quality of your infant's development is dependent on the quality of the nutrition h/she is receiving. We would like to understand what the effect of nutrients in the diet have on the growth and development of your infant.

Additionally this study will also help to us to understand the typical growth and development of infants.

who can participate...

We plan to enroll 100-130 infants for this study.

Your infant is eligible for this study if he/she is:

  1. a healthy full-term infant
  2. has no known medical conditions
  3. whose mother has had a non-complicated pregnancy

what will I do if I join the study...

  1. We will ask you to consent to one or two MRI scans of your infant. The first MRI scan will be when your infant is 2 weeks of age and the second MRI scan will performed when your infant is 3 months of age.
  2. We will ask you to keep a record of what type and how much of nutrition your infant is receiving from either formula or breast milk. If you are formula feeding we will ask you to send to us the labels from the formulas you are using. We will provide you with the preaddressed stamped envelope.
  3. We will ask you (Mom) to complete a food questionnaire about your food intake. This questionnaire can be done online or on a paper copy that you will return to us.
  4. We will perform a simple, safe eye test on you (Mom) to assess the intake of some nutrients in your diet.
  5. We will ask breast feeding moms to give us a single breast milk sample for analysis. We will provide the collection container and a freezer bag for you to store it in until to bring it with you to the three month MRI scan visit.
  6. We will collect some simple measuremnts of your infant; his/her length, weight and head circumference, as well as observe his/her normal activity.
  7. We will administer a simple test of your infants cognitive skills.
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